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Our Mission

We're a statewide network of organizations that work to improve living and working conditions of farmworkers and poultry workers in North Carolina.  Since 2003, our full members have brought workers' voices to the legislative process.  In the past, we have identified and led campaigns to improve housing conditions, pesticide safety and wages.

FAN's members, as they are able, work together to: 
  • Push for better workplace laws through education to the public, advocacy and research;
  • Support efforts of farmworkers and poultry workers to be leaders in the worker justice movement;
  • Monitor government agencies whose activities impact workers’ rights, health and wellbeing.

What makes this work?  FAN holds community meetings with workers to discuss their concerns and ways in which we can work together.  We collaborate with researchers to gather information on living and working conditions that can impact laws.  With this collaborative approach, we combine the best research and policy recommendations with the daily lives of workers across North Carolina.

Since 2003, FAN has had several landmark accomplishments, including:

  • Improving farmworker housing conditions across the state by securing passage of amendments to the North Carolina Migrant Housing Act;
  • Supporting legislation that would reduce the risk of pesticide exposure and ensure that employers take precautions to keep workers safe;
  • Participating in vital research projects about the on-the-job dangers to worker health and safety in the agricultural and poultry industries; and
  • Raising awareness among business, faith and community groups about the need for reform.


Our Members



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ALIANZA (UNC Chapel Hill)

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project

Episcopal Farmworker Ministry

Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC)

Legal Aid of NC - Farmworker Unit^

NC Community Health Center Association

NC Council of Churches

NC Farmworkers' Project**

NC Farmworker Health Program*

NC Field

NC Justice Center Immigrants Legal Assistance Project

NC Latino Coalition**

NC Migrant Education Program*

Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF)

Toxic Free NC


Western NC Workers’ Center 

*Collaborating Members
**Advisory Members

Contact Us


Farmworker Advocacy Network
1317 W Pettigrew Street
Durham, NC 27705