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President Obama honors César Chávez

President Obama signs a proclamation honoring César ChávezEarlier this spring, President Obama hosted members of the United Farm Workers and César Chávez's family at the White House.  Obama issued a statement highlighting the power of worker organizing and fighting for changes in the fields.  Here's part of the statement:

The rights and benefits working Americans enjoy today were not easily gained; they had to be won. It took generations of courageous men and women, fighting to secure decent working conditions, organizing to demand fair pay, and sometimes risking their lives. Some, like Cesar Estrada Chavez, made it the cause of their lives. Today, on what would have been his 83rd birthday, we celebrate Cesar's legacy and the progress achieved by all who stood alongside him.

Here in North Carolina, I know that securing changes in the fields won't be easy.  But I'm deeply encourged by Chávez's legacy of speaking the truth to power and rallying supporters to the cause of a better life for farmworkers. 

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