Occupational Eye Injuries Experienced by Migrant Farmworkers
Monday, December 26, 2011 at 9:18AM
Chris Liu-Beers in Peer-reviewed, eye injuries, health risks, labor conditions, occupational injuries

Published in the Journal of Agromedicine.

From the Abstract:

Migrant farmworkers in North Carolina (n = 300) reported eye injuries, circumstances of injuries, and outcomes during lifetime U.S. agriculture work. Seventeen injuries were reported by 15 farmworkers; five resulted in lost work time. Most reported injuries were penetrating or open wounds, often caused by branches or other foreign objects. Injuries were seldom reported to employers; and treatment at clinics, when received, was often delayed. The incidence rate of lost work-time injuries of 23.8/10,000 worker years (95% confidence interval 7.5, 55.9), exceeds the 2009 national incidence rate (6.9/10,000). Migrant farmworkers constitute a vulnerable population; better occupational safety protections should be considered.

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By Sara A. Quandt PhD, Mark R. Schulz PhD, Jennifer W. Talton MS, Amit Verma DrPH & Thomas A. Arcury, PhD (2012): Occupational Eye Injuries Experienced by Migrant Farmworkers, Journal of Agromedicine, 17:1, 63-69.

Article originally appeared on Farmworker Advocacy Network (http://ncfan.org/).
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