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Part of FAN's mission is to provide in-depth research about farmworkers and poultry workers to policy makers so that they have access to the information they need to make good decisions.  Below you'll see titles and excerpts from a wide variety of research-based articles and reports about farmworkers.  Click on any article to download the full text.

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Weeding out abuses: Recommendations for a law-abiding farm labor system

This report describes the employment laws that apply to farmworkers and the widespread violations of those laws by agricultural employers. Because the human faces of those who suffer these abuses are often lost in the statistics, this report tells the personal stories of several men and women who pick our fruits and vegetables; these accounts are not merely anecdotes but are representative of the reality.

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Close to Slavery: Guestworker Programs in the United States

Unlike U.S. citizens, guestworkers do not enjoy the most fundamental protection of a competitive labor market — the ability to change jobs if they are mistreated. Instead, they are bound to the employers who “import” them. If guestworkers complain about abuses, they face deportation, blacklisting or other retaliation.

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